One Day to Go

When there was one month left until the planned departure we thought striking things off from our to-do list will only make us feel calmer and “readier” to go. I had a picture in my mind that once everything is sorted we’ll be happily shutting the door of our flat, stepping outside into a sunny... Continue Reading →

One Week to Go!

The days are getting shorter and it's getting colder and colder every day but we are not too concerned about the weather in the UK anymore. There is something else which is of concern. In fact, this matter is of so much concern to us right now that we are kinda shitting our pants because... Continue Reading →

About how Kristina sold our stuff

A car, bike, two cameras, old satnav, tent, grill, picnic basket, books, clothes and a whole bunch of other stuff... All gone. With Kristina's mad skillz of selling stuff I never thought anybody would be interested in I am lucky that with three weeks left until we go I still have a bed to sleep in... Continue Reading →

Let’s Do This

Hello fellow travellers, those who are building up the courage to travel the world and even those men who are daydreaming just yet (as they will inevitably, sooner or later, act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible). Y’all already know that we have been planning this adventure for about a year now.... Continue Reading →

One Month To Go!

What would you do if you were told you had one year left to live on this earth? Would you worry about your mortgage or your job? Would you be upset that it rains a lot or that your neighbour is an asshole? Would you keep on sleepwalking through your life until the very last... Continue Reading →

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