Evening Tour to Ba Na Hills and the Golden Bridge

Ba Na Hills Sunworld Fantasy Park is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. It is unique because it holds a World Record for having the worlds longest and highest non-stop cable car. It has become insanely popular (thanks to Instagram!) after completion of the Gods Hands Bridge also known as the Golden Bridge. In this post you will find everything you need to know about the evening tour promotion to Ba Na Hills.

Ba Na Hills and The Golden Bridge Evening Tour
Like it? Pin it! – March 2019

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Ba Na Sunworld Special Evening Tour Promotion

The special promotion has been running since the beginning of 2019. The ticket costs 550k VND (or around £18) per person and includes a really amazing buffet, a voucher for 1l of beer or juice, free shuttle bus to Ba Na Hills and back to Da Nang and most importantly – access to all the areas of the fantasy and entertainment park. However, there is a catch!

Our reader Tedly, who visited Ba Na Sunworld on the 2nd of May, 2019 confirmed the ticket price has been increased to 600k VND.

The catch is that you can only enter Ba Na Hills Sunworld after 4pm. The first shuttle bus leaves at 3pm from Entrance to Sun World Danang Wonders, but you can also catch another one at 3:30pm. The bus from Ba Na Hills to Da Nang departs at 9:30pm and 10:30pm. Essentially, this means that your time in Ba Na Hills is very limited because the fantasy and entertainment park is only open until 7:00pm. If you were to take the first shuttle bus and enter the park at 4:00pm you would only have about two and a half hours at the fantasy park. Why two and a half and not three hours? Remember the longest and highest non-stop cable car I mentioned earlier? That’s why.

Note: Buy tickets at the Ba Na Sunworld Ticket office in Da Nang. Their address is 93 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Nam Dương, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000. Copy and paste that into your google maps and be careful when searching manually – for whatever reason there are two addresses on the same road at slightly different locations.

What about the Golden Bridge?

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge on an Evening Tour
Awesome Golden Bridge (Gods Hands Bridge) in Ba Na Hills – Photo by Andrius – March 2019

Now, most people want to see and take a picture of the famous Golden Bridge (which is a stop before the fantasy park and the French village) by the time it’s dark so things get even tighter. At this point you might be asking why I am talking so much about this Fantasy Park and why it is such a big deal. It’s the Golden Bridge that people go to see!

You are right and wrong at the same time. From our own experience, Golden Bridge is a must-see but it’s the fantasy park where all the fun happens. It has a lot of fun rides, loads of video games, 4-D and 5-D attractions and is just an amazing place to feel like a child once again! Visiting it in the evening is even cooler as there are very few people around and all the attractions are free for you to try without queuing! I can already hear your future you saying “if only I had more time here!”.

Tip: If you visit Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge in the evening you will be at the Bridge during the “golden hour” which is when sun is still high enough for awesome light and great pictures and not low enough for your pictures to come out dark.

French Village and the Buffet

Ba Na Hills French Village
French Village in the evening looks even better – Photo by Andrius – March 2019

After having all the fun in the world at the fantasy park you are likely to leave the building when it is already dark. It kind of sucks but I would not write off visiting Ba Na Hills Sunworld in the evening just yet. The French Village in the dark is really beautiful. I would even go as far as saying that it looks BETTER at night. While walking around and taking photographs I thought to myself so many times that I am glad we took this special deal.

After a short walk in the village you are likely to start hearing your stomach rumbling and that is where those buffet vouchers come into play. The Beer Plaza is where the buffet takes place. Simply hand your vouchers at the door, pick up some plates and enjoy dinner. You can get 1l of beer or some juice inside as well. The choice of foods is great and there are live bands playing every night.

Departure – Shuttle Back to Da Nang

This is something really worth keeping in mind unless you want to sleep in the streets of the French Village (or, more likely a very expensive hotel room in Ba Na Hills).

Shuttle buses leave at 9:30pm and 10:30pm, however to catch those buses you MUST take the 9:00pm (or 10:00pm for the 10:30pm shuttle) cable-car back to the car park.

The bus will take around 45 minutes to get back to town and will drop you off at the same place where it picked you up which is
Sun World Danang Wonders.

Is the 550k Ba Na Hills evening tour worth it?

Ba Na Hills The Rides Evening Tour
Kristina enjoying Ba Na Fantasy Park rides – Photo by Andrius – March 2019

If you are happy with doing things a little quicker and want to save a bunch of money then my response is “absolutely yes”. A hotel or tour agency organized tour is likely to cost you around 1 million to 1.3 million VND per person which is more than double of what you pay for the Ba Na Hills evening tour. And the best thing – there will be no crowds and no queues in the evening. You will still have some people walking around but at least you won’t have a billion other people trying to take the same picture as you or get on the ride.

Tip: You can leave your motorcycle in the car park of Sun World Danang Wonders (pick-up location) for 5k VND. It will be open when you return.

If, on the other hand, you really want to take your time and have a relaxing day where everything is planned for your this might not be the best option. A hotel or agency organized tour might be a way to go although keep in mind they will have a schedule as well and are likely to push you to do things quicker than you might like.

Your third option would be to hire a private driver (very expensive) or rent and drive a scooter yourself (130k for scooter and around 40k VND for fuel which is reasonable). This way you will have all the flexibility in the world. Single entry ticket to Ba Na Hills Sunworld costs 700k VND but that does not include the buffet (and the transportation to Ba Na Hills and back to Da Nang).

I hope this article clarified your questions about this special evening promotion for visiting Ba Na Sunworld and the Golder Bridge. If you need more information about this Ba Na Hills Sunworld Promotion you can visit the official website by clicking here.

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6 Responses

  1. Tedly says:

    Hi, Katrippin.
    Thanks for this post. It was the only clear English information I could find on the web about the “Evening Tour” of Ba Na Hills. As a result, we did visit Ba Na Hills on May 2, 2019. Here’s some more info for anyone wanting to take this tour.

    Finding the ticket office can be a challenge. As the blog post points out, there is more than one address that matches the ticket office location (at least by western address standards). The truth is, each block in DaNang has the same numbers. Yes, they start at 0 and go up to about 400. I walked that whole street and kept finding number 93 – but it wasn’t the SunWorld Ba Na Hills ticket office. Finally, I did come across it. The easiest way to locate the place is to go to the One Opera Hotel (a huge, high-class place on the same street). The Ba Na Hills office is about 200 meters EAST of the One Opera Hotel.

    The current price is 600,000VND – just over $26 usd.

    The bus left from the main entrance of the SunWorld amusement park – near the huge Ferris wheel. We arrived at 14:50. The bus actually left at about 15:10. It wound thru DaNang and made one other pick-up stop at the Green Hotel on the north side of town.

    The ‘tour’ was great! We went on a Thursday and all the daytime tour groups were leaving as we arrived. There was hardly anybody at the place by the time we rode the cable cars up. (You switch cable cars after visiting the Golden Bridge).

    Don’t miss the “Fantasy Park” game area. It was a blast! And because there were no crowds, there was no waiting at all. I’m old… lol… and even I enjoyed spending well over an hour playing the completely FREE driving and flying and shooting and racing games in the giant arcade. Plus the is a really nice, fast, indoor, bumper-car ride. What a hoot!

    Walking around the fake French village was fun too. It was deserted and misty and breezy by the time we got there – very dark and spooky. Fun.

    Finally, the buffet is amazing! A HUGE spread of food including, shrimp, clams, roast beef, all kinds of chicken, salad bar (western style), Vietnamese and Korean favorites, and big desert pastry bar. We gorged ourselves! Plus with 2 drink vouchers, we got 2 500ml draft beers each! The only downside was the overly loud rock music that is played live. It was ok to watch the performance while eating – but just too loud – we could hardly talk. They also stop refilling the food at 20:00, so don’t eat too late.

    Anyway, as ‘older’ budget travelers, we don’t usually go to tourist attractions like theme/amusement parks. But this 6 hour excursion was a good time and a solid value for what we received; round trip, comfy bus transport – amazing, long, scenic cable car rides – the Golden Bridge experience – 90 minutes of crazy game room fun – a giant buffet of food (many western selections) & loud music – and a large quantity of beer! Fantastic!

    • KATrippin says:

      Tedly, thanks for such a detailed and informative comment (and for the kind words about the article!). I am sure other visitors will find your contribution of immense value. Also, I am glad you had a blast in Ba Na Hills amusement park! During our travels we found a lot of tourist attractions to be really disapointing but Ba Na Hills really stood up to the hype.

      If you don’t mind I will update the post with the details that you’ve provided in the comment.

      Kind Regards,
      Andrius and Kristina

  2. Holy cow! This looks absolutely amazing. What an incredible trip. Definitely saving this for future ideas. I’ve been wanting to go to Vietnam for a while, and definitely don’t want to miss this.

    • KATrippin says:

      Chloe, thanks so much for your comment. Months after the trip we remember Ba Na Hills and the Golden Bridge as the highlights of our visit in Vietnam. Hope you get to see Vietnam soon!

  3. Chaba says:

    thanks for the info, did not find anywhere else infos about the night ticket, so yours were really helpful. was yesterday there. went first to the ticket office. was closed. that means there were some workers there renovating, at 93 Nguyễn Văn Linh. they did not speak any English. maybe I was at the wrong address?? are there more than one 93? could have been a ticket office before, by the way it looked. I found on the internet a Vietnamese promotion for the night combo, including the ticket office address and phone number. nobody answered that phone no. wonder if you can get on the bus without the ticket and buy it at Bana Hills. I finally went to the Hills with Grab bike 120 k. bought there the ticket for 600 k and then came back by shuttle for free. was worried a bit about the capacity of the bus, but some Vietnamese visitors told me they would use as many buses as necessary.

    • KATrippin says:

      Thanks for your comment. As previously pointed out by another reader in the comments it seems there are a couple of addresses that initially seem to be exactly the same so I am not entirely surprised you were struggling with finding the office. We went into the wrong place the first time as well!

      Glad you managed to make it work though. Did you enjoy the park? Did you have enough time to explore and see everything you wanted?

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