The Ultimate Road Trip Australia – Part 3

Day 10

As mentioned in my previous post (Part 2 here) Day 10 of our road trip started with us arriving in Noosa and magically agreeing a really good rate for camping in a campsite so close to everything we needed (shops and beach with free bus stop just outside of the campsite). The owners of Noosa sea scouts were so kind to us they told us we can stay for as long as we need.

We were given a table and some chairs as well. KAtrippin crew could not help but celebrate this day with a tasty grilled dinner and beers! It was a real feast for us because we only very occasionally had access to such facilities.

KAtrippin Dinner Australia Noosa

Risotto with Pumpkin almost ready – Photo by Andrius – December 2018

Day 11

This was the the day when we had to return the car. This meant no more chances of moving around – we had too much stuff to carry ourselves. Luckily we were happy with the campsite. We had everything we needed and more…

It was also a day when I discovered Noosa Beach which is where we ended up spending majority of our spare time over the next week or so. The beach was perfect for practicing surfing on unbroken waves. Especially the first couple of days were really quiet and not too crowded.

In the evening we had a proper downpour with so many lightnings that at one point it felt like we’re were being flashed at with a strobe light in a nightclub. By the time we had to go to bed our tent was already sitting in a pond. Nobody listened to me when I talked about building tent in highground so we had to learn this the hard way!

Day 12

Luckily by morning it cleared up and we could enjoy full English breakfast in the campsite. We spent the whole day surfing and enjoying the beach.

Oh, and finally my mumblings about highground reached people’s ears so we could agree to move our tents.

Day 13 (Christmas Eve)

Kristina has been talking about Christmas since the day we left (September) so we attempted to make the best of the situation. We went Christmas shopping to a local mall, bought some Christmas lights, presents and food for Christmas Eve dinner.

Katrippin Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Noosa – Photo by Andrius – December 2018

Chrismas is a very family oriented celebration so obviously it was not the same having it on the other side of the world thousands of kilometers away from everyone but we definitely remembered our closest ones.

Day 14-18:

Loads of sun, beach time, good food, surfing, UNO, wine and beers. Also a lot of compromises, agreements and disagreements about all of the above – traveling with others is sometimes challenging!

Noosa Katrippin crew

KAtrippin Crew – Photo by Kristina – December 2018

Day 19 (31st of December)

Last day of the year was awesome! I did some surfing in the morning, we had two dinners with a sunset in between and went to watch the fireworks to the main beach.

Day 20

Another 1st of January without a hangover. I love it. Add some surfing into the mix and you have a perfect start of the year.

A moment of reflection: This year was nothing like any other year. We have left everything behind and went on to do what we love. Maybe it has not been exactly how we pictured in our heads but after all what we did every single day has been our choice. We did things because we wanted to and not because we had to. Vast majority of these days I enjoyed to the fullest. And lastly, I couldn’t be happier about the fact that for the last week of this year I was able to work on something I loved (practice surfing). I felt the improvement on my body already and it felt amazing.

I am not really a believer in “New year’s resolutions” as I think the best time to start something new (or stop something) is now, so I did not make a list like many people do but I can share something that we came up with which we hope will further improve our days.

It is to not forget to enjoy the little things such as your morning coffee, a good song, a nice action by a stranger – whatever it might be. Even when travelling, we have been able to catch ourselves rushing a lot, trying to do everything in one day, getting frustrated and ending up becoming oblivious and ignorant of the awesome things happening to us at that given moment.

Being aware and able to capture these moments is important. We are lucky to have such pleasures happening to us almost every day and I think we should experience and enjoy them.

And that was the end of Day 20 which was also our last day in Noosa. But there is more to come!

As always you can find Bernard’s weekly vlog which covers Brisbane – Noosa here and Part 4 here.

KATrippin Noosa Australia

Sunrise Beach south of Noosa – Photo by Kristina – January 2019

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