Mini Road Trip: Melbourne – Great Otway National Park – Twelve Apostles – Grampions National Park – Melbourne (2-3 days)

It would not be an understatement to say that our arrival to Australia has caused us some significant emotional ups and downs. There have been loads of changes of plans and circumstances along the way regarding our visas, flights and plans of our travel companions but one thing that remained constant throughout has been our willingness to explore this beautiful country and see as much as we can.

Before the big road trip (Melbourne – Cairns) during which we are planning to visit some of the most famous places in Australia we could not resist the temptation to explore the natural beauty of the state of Victoria in Southeast Australia. Twelve Apostles which is a spectacular natural rock formation has for a very long time been one of Kristina’s bucket list items. We also heard that Grampions National Park is very beautiful so we decided to spare a few days driving around Victoria.

Great Otway National Park KAtrippin

Koalas in Great Otway National Park – Photo by Andrius – December 2018

Our first stop, only a couple of hours away from Melbourne, was Great Otway National Park which is known for its population of wild Koala Bears. It is a very special place, because this is where a lot of Koalas died after literally eating their way through the mainland reaching the coast with nowhere further to go to get food. Wild koalas are not very difficult to spot here still but we are told the population of these amazing creatures is far from what it used to be some 20+ years ago.

Hundreds and hundreds of white, bare eucalyptus trees can still be seen standing here telling the story to visitors of Otway National Park.

Great Otway National Park KAtrippin

Great Otway National Park – Photo by Aine – December 2018

After a few more hours on the road we reached the coast and the famous Twelve Apostles. These free standing rocks form because of erosion caused by water and waves of the ocean. They start as outcrops of land, but year after year the water seeps further and further into the rock until the bottom part of it is erroded to the point where it collapses in forming underground caverns first, arches later and finally when the top section (bridge) collapses as well only single pieces of rock like those seen at twelve apostles remain.

The afternoon sunshine made the site look exactly like in the pictures we’ve seen. As usual we took a couple ourselves!

Twelve Apostles KAtrippin

Twelve Apostles – Photo by Kristina – December 2018

Our last stop of this mini trip was Grampions National Park. After a morning coffee we drove through the national park stopping in several places and viewpoints. The highlight of the day was McKenzie Falls where we had a refreshing swim. This is where we saw Kangaroos for the first time as well.

McKenzie Falls in Grampions National Park KAtrippin

McKenzie Falls in Grampions National Park – Photo by Kristina – December 2018

Driving back to Melbourne took us a while but in the end I think it was totally worth it. During our first couple days in Australia we saw Koalas, Kangaroos, Lizards as well as beautiful parrots and birds. All the sites we visited were really scenic – I wish we had more time to enjoy them. Having said that I am sure there are more to come.

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  1. December 30, 2018

    […] Park, Twelve Apostles and Grampions National Park in Victoria, Australia (check the post about it here) we did not have much time to rest before taking off to the road trip we have been so eagerly […]

  2. January 15, 2019

    […] For a very long time Australia has been a country which we wanted to visit the most. We pictured it as this distant, magical paradise place where it is sunny all the time and the nature is of unimaginable beauty. Having finally reached Australia after more than 2 months of traveling and after 3 days in Australia only I can say our expectations have already been exceeded. This place is nothing like what we have seen before. Read more about the nature and wildlife in my next post. […]

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