KAtrippin Crew Eats Lithuanian Food Before the Big Trip Around Australia

For a very long time Australia has been a country which we wanted to visit the most. We pictured it as this distant, magical paradise place where it is sunny all the time and the nature is of unimaginable beauty. Having finally reached Australia after more than 2 months of traveling and after 3 days in Australia only I can say our expectations have already been exceeded. This place is nothing like what we have seen before. Read more about the nature and wildlife in my next post.

KAtrippin in Melbourne Australia

Cat next to a Cat – Photo by Andrius – December 2018

We landed in Melbourne where we were welcomed by a very talkative Uber driver who recommended us a few places to go to the most memorable being Canberra where according to him one can taste the best f***ing kebabs and shakes in the world. He also kindly advised us people in Sydney are real a**holes. Having received this invaluable information we felt we were finally up to date with the Australian common affairs and ready to experience Australia first hand.

On the first day we met Aine, Kristina’s best friend from school who works and studies here (Aine and Bernard are also coming to the road trip from Melbourne to Cairns with us). After a short catch up and tour around Melbourne we had an amazing dinner with Ugnius and Gabriele, a Lithuanian couple who we met in Melbourne as well.

The second day was the most Lithuanian day I have had in years with Cepelinai, Lithuanian salad, cold beetroot soup and even Tinginys (lazy man cake) – all being traditional Lithuanian meals – in one day. When you are on the road there are not many days you have access to a fully equipped kitchen, let alone the time to look for ingredients to cook proper traditional meals.

KAtrippin in Melbourne Australia

Wine drinking on a budget – Photo by Andrius – December 2018

After a nice swim in the pool and relaxing jacuzzi it was time for us to pack our bags again. Because, you know, Koalas and Kangaroos ain’t gonna visit themselves. Our first stop (and my next post) – Grampions National Park.

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