Two Best Snorkelling Spots in Phuket

Having had a couple of disappointing snorkelling experiences in Nui Bay Beach in Ko Lanta and Long Beach in Koh Phi Phi Don we decided to go to Phuket and keep on searching for good snorkelling locations in Thailand. From our first day in Phuket we had a motorbike so we could freely explore beaches in this island. After a little bit of googling we pinpointed a number of potential locations and started exploring.

2 best snorkeling spots in phuket

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Yanui Beach, Southwest Phuket, Thailand

Our first stop was Yanui Beach in the south. The beach itself was easy to find, quite close to the road and it had a couple of (not very cheap) restaurants nearby. The small peninsula-like outcrop of rocks looked promising so we decided to have a look underwater. These are some of the fish we found there.

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Ao Sane Beach, Southwest Phuket, Thailand

Similarly to Yanui Beach, rocky shores on the western part of the bay gave us some hope to find interesting fish and corals. This beach is a little less comfortable for swimming as the large part of the shore is covered in rocks and coral however once you get past the shallow parts you can have a great snorkelling experience. There is a dive shop right by the beach as well and they do really affordable dives from the shore which might be a good alternative. We opted to not dive as a lot of marine life can be seen at shallow depths anyway. More pictures below.

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Having snorkelled in Ko Lanta, Phi Phi and Phuket, Yanui and Ao Sane beaches were the two best spots we have found although we have not ventured into the northern region of Phuket so there might be many more great spots for snorkelling. As a matter of fact, these were beaches with the richest marine life we’ve seen. I recommend you check them out if you are ever in Phuket!

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