Budget Travel – Singapore

There exists a common belief that Singapore is an expensive country to visit. Well, let our recent one-week stay in Singapore be a living proof that’s not the case. We found that if you are not staying in the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel always flashing in pictures related to Singapore you can explore this city/country on a tight budget too. As usual, below are costs you should expect to pay for a number of common things in Singapore.

Money Matters

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world (and certainly the most developed of the last couple that we visited!) so when it came to paying for things it was relatively simple. Most of the shops accept cards, public transport passes can be topped up with a bank card, the only thing you might want to have cash for is food. Restaurants will not be a problem, however, budget travellers are very likely to be frequent visitors of food courts which as we found sometimes only take cash. That’s why it might be a good idea to exchange some cash (not at the airport if possible) and have it to hand whenever required.

ATMs are widely available, non-local cards will most likely attract a 5 SGD withdrawal fee. At the time of our visit (November 2018) the exchange rate was 1 SGD = £0.57 = 0.64 Eur = 0.73 USD.


Bus – Buses (public transport) are really easy to use and also very affordable. The fare is unlikely to be over 2 SGD. Conveniently the same card which works for the metro will work for the bus too.

Taxi – Grab is popular in Singapore and might be the only option late at night. We were never in a situation where we had to take a taxi, although I checked the app a couple of times. It never quoted for anything more than 15 SGD.

Train/Metro (MRT) – Ez-Link cards can be purchased for 12 SGD and will have 7 SGD on them ready to be spent on metro journeys. MRT or Mass Rapid Transit will get you to any location in Singapore and is extremely easy to use. Ez-Link card can be topped up in any station (minimum top-up is 10 SGD by cash or card). A single trip fare depends on the distance travelled but will most likely be under 2 SGD. NOTE: Drinking/eating in MRT is strictly prohibited.

Budget Travel - Singapore
Beautifully decorated Little India MRT Station in Singapore – Photo by Andrius – November 2018


As mentioned in my previous post we are very grateful to our amazing host Nizar who kindly agreed to host us in his flat absolutely free of charge in Singapore and showed us around. For those travellers who don’t want to go through the hassle of finding someone on couchsurfing the most viable option will be staying at one of the hostels.

Hostel – A bed in most of places can be found for around 15-20 SGD or around £10 although more expensive options are of course also available.

Location is a bit less of a priority in Singapore in my opinion as public transport is both cheap and convenient to use. We lived close to the airport and far away (relatively) from the city centre and it was not a problem as we used metro (MRT) for getting to places anyway. Safety is not an issue as Singapore is considered a very safe place.

Food Drink

To sum up, eating in food courts in Singapore is really affordable. Restaurants will be a lot more pricey than food courts and alcohol lovers will have to pay up too.

Meal at a restaurant (budget to mid-range) – 20-30 SGD

Beer at a bar/restaurant – 10-18 SGD


Meal at a food court (non A/C, outside) – 4-7 SGD

Meal at a food court (A/C, inside shopping malls, etc.) – 5-10 SGD

Soft drink – 2-3 SGD

Coffee (local, called Kopi) – 1-2 SGD


Beer from a store (500 ml can / bottle) – 4-5 SGD

Bottle of water (1.5l) – 1 SGD


There is a lot you can do in Singapore without paying a dollar. Visiting the Supertree grove and watching the show at 19:45 or 20:45 tops our list, but the fountain show at the marina nearby (starts 21:00) or the Botanical Gardens (UNESCO site) are also free.

Other great attractions in Singapore include:

Singapore Zoo (we have not visited, but read that this might be the least depressing Zoo in the world) – 33 SGD

Gardens by the Bay – 28 SGD for non-residents

Supertree Grove Skyway – 8 SGD

National Museum of Singapore – 10 SGD

There is plenty more which we have not had time to even consider visiting as we had a bit of a visa situation going on for the last couple of days! As mentioned previously, as a visitor in Singapore you could easily keep yourself entertained for at least a week.

Budget Travel - Singapore
Fountain Show in Singapore Marina – Photo by Andrius – November 2018


Visiting Singapore is actually cheaper than most of us are led to believe. Budget travellers who are not coming to Singapore to splash out in fancy shops will most likely spend the biggest chunk of money on purchasing plane tickets.

As an example, a 2-week trip to Singapore from the UK for 1 person would look something like this (insurance is not included).

Return Flights – £400
Accommodation (budget hostel for 14 days) – £140
Food (14 days at 30 SGD a day) – 420 SGD or £240
Land Transport – 40 SGD or £23 should just about cover you using the public transport every day.
Sightseeing and Entertainment – £150

Total – £950 or around £70 per day all included.

Note: Above example suggests Singapore is either cheaper or very similar to Nepal or India which of course is not necessarily true – it will depend on how much you want to spend on entertainment and other things!


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