Most Awesome Airport I Have Seen So Far

Singapore Airport

Singapore Changi – Photo by Andrius – November 2018

It would not be an understatement to say that our recent experiences with airports have been on the poor side. From finding our bags thrown into a pile in Nepal, to waiting at an overconditioned prison-like immigration hall in Chennai for our boarding passes, Singapore airport really is a different thing altogether.

Singapore Changi is awesomely decorated, spacious, modern and super comfortable. Check in and security has no queues, when you come in you just scan your passport, get the boarding passes and tags for the checked in bags printed and go straight into the lounges. No check in desks, nothing. Also, it did not seem you have to pay anything to drop people off (it costs a kidney in some places in Europe to enter the airport area, and you might need a loan from a bank to even consider parking there!).

Once inside the terminal building it has live trees growing and some little ponds with small nicely decorated fountains (and Christmas trees too!). Everywhere you look there is a ton of space and the old rows of tired, uncomfortable metal chairs which are so familiar to European travellers are nowhere to be seen. Instead you can wait for your flight in comfortable sitting areas with colourful comfy chairs, most equipped with individual sockets to charge your phone and a small tray where you can keep your bottle of water or other belongings.

Singapore Airport

Trees inside the airport terminal – Photo by Kristina – November 2018

We have not been able to explore all the terminals, but apparently, there are also playgrounds for kids, a pool, a cinema and even a video game room!

If I had a connection with an overnight wait and was facing a choice between a dodgy hotel and this airport I’d opt for staying at the airport. Singapore airport is probably the most impressive airport we have seen so far – we felt like at an another tourist attraction! We could not resist taking some pictures too!

Singapore Changi

Spacious and Comfy Singapore Changi – Photo by Andrius – November 2018

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