One Day to Go


When there was one month left until the planned departure we thought striking things off from our to-do list will only make us feel calmer and “readier” to go. I had a picture in my mind that once everything is sorted we’ll be happily shutting the door of our flat, stepping outside into a sunny morning with nothing but our backpacks on our backs and immediately enjoying the sense of freedom you get from travelling. The sort of feeling you get when you go on a vacation…

While I still believe the feeling will be awesome and am convinced that we are making the best decision in our lives, the departure from a comfortable life where there has been so much stability, comfort and certainty is a bit scary. Not scary enough to change our minds, but sufficient to make us start appreciating all the things we’ve been taking for granted. Basically, it is getting real in our minds that it is not a vacation – that’s our life and that’s how it’s going to be for a foreseeable future.

There is not anything I can compare this feeling to. Everything seems messed up and blurry. It’s weird seeing your stuff all in small packs or pouches and a backpack where everything is going. It’s also difficult to think about anything else. Our conversations mostly revolve around our trip and there seems very little time to do anything else. I am glad we are going tomorrow and all that’s been thought and talked about is finally materializing. I hope we don’t miss our flight. That’d suck…

Our first flight is tomorrow. We will be leaving Cardiff early in the morning to catch the flight from London. We’ll stop over in Istanbul for a couple of hours where we’ll probably be having dinner, reading books and questioning what we are doing with our lives. We should reach Dubai early in the morning. We’ve used couchsurfing to find where to stay as hotels are not cheap there and considering we want the trip to last as long as possible every little matters.

That’s all for now – pictures from Dubai will be coming up shortly!

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