One Week to Go!

The days are getting shorter and it’s getting colder and colder every day but we are not too concerned about the weather in the UK anymore. There is something else which is of concern. In fact, this matter is of so much concern to us right now that we are kinda shitting our pants because this time next week Kristina and I will be on our way to London where our travels will begin. First stop – Dubai, UAE. Apparently you can get into prison for holding your partners’ hand and you need a licence to have a beer so that’s going to be fun.

The bags are actually packed already, but there is still quite a lot to be sorted out. It seems the list of small things is never going to end – things like making calls to sort out the bills, making sure the flat is ready for the tenant and that we’ve got all the stuff we need before we go… And I have a feeling we will have to keep striking items from the list until the last minute.

The nice thing though is that yesterdat we’ve picked up our (hopefully) last major bit of kit which we’ll be taking with us which is the GoPro 5 Black camcorder. This is my first GoPro so I need to make sure we can operate it before we head off. Before buying it I have debated with myself whether I should make the purchase or not, but then realized that it would suck to not capture these moments where snapping pictures with the mobile phone is not an option (such as scuba diving). Kristina still needs to get her open water diver qualification done and I am seriously considering going for a divemasters course so there are definitely going to be opportunities to make good use of the new GoPro.

I honestly can’t wait to try the gear out underwater!!!

KATrippin Gear

KATrippin GoPro 5 Black and accessories

The first impression is pretty good. The GoPro itself froze a couple of times when we first turened it on, but after reinserting the microsd card this does not seem to be happening anymore. GoPro official website says this happens sometimes due to the card not being slotted in properly so now that it’s working I am not too worried. Other than that it’s pretty cool you can control the camera with your voice and setting it up to work with your phone only takes a few minutes. The wrist strap should be quite useful when diving / motorbiking too but I have a feeling a stick might also be required to use the GoPro comfortably. One thing I am interested to find out is how the non-GoPro branded batteries compare to the GoPro ones. Original batteries don’t exactly cost a fortune but we have a long trip ahead of us so every little bit counts. I also went for the non original waterproof housing which conveniently came with the red filter (housing + filter for a reasonable £11.99). Now, I might regret this later, but it just seemed ridiculous to pay £45 for the original supersuit and another £45 for a branded filter when I know people using cheaper versions without any problems.

That’s it for now! We’ll be uploading pictures and videos as soon as we have some. Links to all the stuff are included below.

GoPro 5 Black that I bought from Amazon (£259):

GoPro 5 Black waterproof housing (£11.99 – with red filter included to improve the colours underwater):

Smatree battery pack (2 batteries) with a 3 channel charger (£25.99):

Telesin wrist strap with rotation mount (£8.34):

Sandisk extreme 64GB (£21.99 – if you ever decide to buy a different MicroSD make sure the recording speed is at least 30MB/s. If the card has a little sign U3 you are good. Otherwise you might not be able to record at 4k)

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