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Photo by Andrius – Barry Island, South Wales – September 2018

A car, bike, two cameras, old satnav, tent, grill, picnic basket, books, clothes and a whole bunch of other stuff… All gone. With Kristina’s mad skillz of selling stuff I never thought anybody would be interested in I am lucky that with three weeks left until we go I still have a bed to sleep in and a mug for my morning coffee! Having said that, I have heard there is someone interested in our mattress so I still need to keep an eye open for that.

Joking aside, it was necessary and also the right thing to do and I am happy we were so successful at getting rid of our stuff. All of those things we sold were stuff hidden in corners of dark cupboards and draws. Apart from the car, it was stuff we had not used for months or years. But the important thing is that it was stuff waiting to be revived for a second life. It just needed new hands to make it happen.

My first DSLR camera which has served me so well for a number of years is now a first DSLR of a teenager who is keen to learn about photography and just needed a tool to put what he learns into practice. Kristina’s bike has now found a girl who likes cycling and just happened to need a new bike. This man who has our tent was really excited when he bought it because he knew he’d now be able to take his kids camping. It was nice getting some money back for things we did not need, but it was even nicer seeing faces of these people light up. It is also nice knowing we’ve not created another pile in the dump (of which every city has plentiful quantities).

We have done all of the above with the help of tools that are free and easily accessible (like ebay and gumtree). We found online marketplaces will get you the best prices, although some things are just more difficult to sell than others. For things like books, we have used a platform called ziffit.com which tells you which books they’d be willing to buy. All you need to do is pack them up and wait for ziffit to collect them. You are be paid once the collection is done. We also found second hand clothes to be a tough sell, but we managed to sell everything we did not need in one go by selling in bulk.

If you feel you have things to sell I would recommend you give it a try. I can almost guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

And of course, once you have enough money from selling things – go travelling and meet us somewhere!!!

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