One Month To Go!

Pen-Y-Fan, South Wales

Photo by Arnas – Pen-Y-Fan, South Wales – February 2018

What would you do if you were told you had one year left to live on this earth? Would you worry about your mortgage or your job? Would you be upset that it rains a lot or that your neighbour is an asshole?

Would you keep on sleepwalking through your life until the very last of your days? I don’t think you would. And yet, so many people do without even thinking about it!

More than a year ago, Kristina and I made a decision that good is just not good enough for us and that the best time to be who you want to be is now! We decided to stop sleepwalking. It took us some time to figure out what is it we want to do and to prepare for it but now we are really close.

Exactly a month from now we will have sold or given the last remaining possessions that we still have away and will be on our way to Dubai which is the first stop of our trip. All we will have by that time is a backpack each with only the most essential things.

There is a lot planned. So many places to visit and so many people to meet. It’ll be time for us – everything else will wait.

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