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About Us

Hello, we are Kristina and Andrius – a Lithuanian couple who had lived and worked in the UK but one day decided that comfortable life is just not good enough and that the best time to travel the World is now!

With this new grand idea in our minds, in August 2018, we decided to start KATrippin. At first it was not more than a travel journal, however, shortly we realized that with each country visited there was more and more to share that could be of value to other travellers.

Our adventures included countries which to many of our friends and families seemed as far, exotic and most importantly expensive. We did not share the same perception though. Somehow we always managed to find good deals which made travelling affordable. With everything included we calculated that in many cases we would have spent more money at home compared to when we were aborad.

And the further we travelled the clearer it became that when it comes to travelling Knowledge = Money. In this blog our knowledge and experience is up for the taking. We hope you Enjoy it!


In this Blog

You will find useful information and budget travel tips for 30+ countries in 5 different continents. Check out the categories below┬áif you are after a specific region. Click “Resources” for useful tips or go to “Blog” to read our latest posts.

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